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How Can I Increase My Email Open Rates?  



It stings, doesn't it? Working hard on crafting what you think is the perfect email, one that will bring you sales and glory - only to notice that people just leave it there to rot at the bottom of their inbox! Has anyone any ideas on how to increase email open rates?

1 Answer

Boost Email Open Rate By 950% (The Darth Vader Pizza Email!)

The vast majority of email marketers make one of two mistakes: 
  • They give too much content without doing enough selling;
  • They do too much selling and not provide enough value. 
Copywriter Xristopher Bland was guilty of the second.

He was hammering his prospects with traditional sales emails that lacked value and creativity. So, his email subscribers just stopped opening his emails. (open rate was down to 2%). Ouch. 

The solution he came up with to solve this problem was to start treating his audience as people - and not as walking wallets. 

The email meant to re-engage his audience blended a universally loved character (Darth Vader) and a globally loved food (pizza) with humorous content designed to satisfy people’s need for entertainment. 

The result: The email ignited a 21% open rate from a completely cold list and increased the company’s open rate by 950%

The content of the email was crafted to suit his business and services, so you won’t be able to copy as is, but you can take away a few key ingredients to create emails that get opened: 

Novelty + Humor + Entertainment + Relatability



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