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How to Get Leads For Your Business: 1000’s Of Them!

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What Is Social Media Branding And How To Do It

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Why Do Social Media Marketing? Here’s 30 Reasons Why [The Ultimate List]

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What About Wealthy Affiliate If You Want To Make Money Online?

Want To Make Money Online? Well What About Wealthy Affiliate? Many of us dream about becoming millionaires and how we would spend the money and live a life ...

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  1. Many thanks Twack, totally agree with you.

    Best of luch with your affiliate marketing.

  2. Glad you found my post helpful. You can also download my free Social Media Marketing Ebook which will provide you with more help on this topic.

    Thanks Gabriel

  3. Pleased you love the article and also Wealthy Affiliate.

    I my opinion, keeping things simple is so important online, why overcomplicate things?

    Many thanks Tom

  4. Many thanks for taking the time to leave your comments.

  5. Thanks Stella.

  6. Hi Eva, many thanks for your comments.

    I am sure it is just a ‘blip’ with Apple and things will be back to normal soon.

  7. Many thanks John.

    I have been meaning to do an ‘About Me’ page for a while now but it’s just one of those things I haven’t got around to yet.

    Thanks again for your comment.

  8. Many thanks!

  9. James – many thanks.

    It’s hard to recommend which social media sites to use for someone else as it largely depends on what you are promoting, what skills you have and what you just like!

    When starting out though I would choose just one of the large, well known platforms ie. FaceBook and stick with just the one untill you start to gain a little traction with it.

    Thanks again.

  10. Hi Gaurav,

    Many thanks.

    I have been intending to do an ‘About Me’ page but never quite get around to doing it. Hopefully next time you check back it will be there!

  11. Hi Claude,

    Glad you stopped by my website and have found it of some use.

    There is no need to rush things when starting out. My advice would be to pick just one of the top social media platforms – either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram/Pinterest and concentrate on that one first. Learn the ins and outs and only move on to another when you start seeing results.

    Many thanks and best of luck with your marketing.

  12. Hi Ronald,

    Many thanks for your thourough comments. Much appreciated.

    Glad you liked the article and downloaded the free ebook.

  13. Well said MissusB,

    I agree with you 100%

    Many thanks for your lovely comments and your endorsement of Wealthy Affiliate.

  14. Hi Stefano,

    Thanks for your kind comments and mentioning that you can sign up for this totally free.

  15. Many thanks Sir, I hope you are enjoying your time at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your comments.